We Empower Small Business Owners

Real Fortune is a result driven internet marketing and online strategy company based in Pretoria, South Africa. Founded in 2013, Real Fortune has built a strong reputation over the years by helping numerous companies to plan, blueprint and implement high converting online marketing strategies. Our aim has always been to help our customers organize, optimize and customize their marketing and automation processes. 

My name is Charl Coetzee and I founded Real Fortune after years of struggling to promote and market my own business and helping to promote my family's many businesses. I started out in the sales industry when I was in primary school (probably around 12), selling toothpaste and corn from an ice-cream cart (if you can't picture this, you've clearly never been to Africa...)

And so my journey began in the great big world of sales and marketing and I've never looked back (aside from the time I went to study mechanical engineering... but that's a story for a different occasion). Years later I ended up right back in sales and marketing, where I belong. ​

I tried, tested, failed, researched and tried again. I even outsourced a mass mail server to India to email my old lists. Everything backfired (quite horribly), partly because I was only focused on a small part of the big picture... email auto-responders.. I sent out mass mails with no clue whatsoever about engagement and segmentation.  Finally, after burning out my list and my resources, I made the sensible decision of learning from the experts. I followed every authority in the industry I could find, spent thousands of dollars on courses, seminars and training materials and I was eager and willing to listen to those who know. 

​Now, I've spent the money, put in the hours and trained up my own personal team of elves to help you out - so that you don't have to pay the same school fees that I did. Boy, did I pay... but what I learned was invaluable. 

Getting a website online is only the beginning, your website must implement the Optimized Customer Value System (a term first used by one of my mentors, Digital Marketer) – Our online marketing efforts include a range of different services, all working together to get the desired results for your company, by focusing on the 3 rules of business growth: more leads, more clients, more sales.

We believe that mindset and education are major keys to business success. With over 15 years’ experience in the marketing industry, it is our aim to help you systematize your business by first educating you as to what is possible and then guiding you through the planning, blueprinting and implementation process.

We are respected specialists in:

  • Increasing conversions through sales funnels
  • Business and marketing automation
  • Designing and building engaging membership sites

Whether you are just starting out with your first project; or whether you have an established company that requires specific business strategy implementation, we are equal opportunity helpers. Our team is ready to guide you on your path to success.

Our Industry Relevant Certifications

Meet The Team

Charl Coetzee

Founder and Strategist​

My name is Charl Coetzee, founder of the Real Fortune Group. My passion is marketing strategy and lots and lots of coffee (preferably made by my loving wife). I have recently become the father of a precious little girl and she already has me wrapped around her finger. 

I grew up as a bush-veld 'farm boy' , spending most of my time in the great outdoors, admiring the wildlife that Africa so generously provided to us. Obviously it makes sense that I am also a huge sci-fi follower and 'Trekkie' (that's a Star Trek fan for all you non-nerds). My favorite superhero is Superman, and I have a strange feeling my daughter will feel the same because she loves it when I make her fly...all around the living room...

As a 2nd generation businessman, I was schooled in the strategies and techniques required to create and grow a “Real Fortune”. With my diverse background in Engineering, Property, e-Commerce & the Retail sectors I am uniquely capable of explaining and easily conveying seemingly complex matters quite simplistically, enabling me to reach people from all walks of life, in my own, comprehensible approach.

There is nothing I enjoy more in business than talking strategy. If I can talk to a client and help him/her improve their business strategy - I am a happy camper. I am a firm believer that continuous education and a reliable business model is a huge part of what you need to succeed in today's digital era. ​

Cherise Esterhuyse

Chief Content Strategist

Hey there, my name is Cherise Esterhuyse and I joined Real Fortune as the Chief Content Strategist. My mom always told me that I talk too much so I thought I could make a career out of putting those words onto paper.

My passion revolves around writing, learning new languages and using my training in the psychology and criminology field to hack your online banking profile...uhm...I mean...analyse the behavior of people to deliver relevant information that converts. My husband and I enjoy jet-setting and try to travel as often and as far as we possibly can. Of course, it helps to have family from ALL OVER the world...

As an experienced teacher and corporate trainer, I have learned how to read people and to explain complicated concepts to just about anyone. You really have not lived until you try to explain to a teenager that they can't 'axe' you a question. Being experienced in various industries (finance, software and ERP to name a few) is one of the many reasons why I am able to produce high value content for just about any market. Except for underground drag racing...never quite got the just of it...

Being trained in the psychology and criminology fields has helped me to learn how to motivate people and to apply the correct psychological triggers to convert leads into paying customers (at least, that's what I told my boss when I interviewed for this position...)

Anré Marais

Lead Visual Designer

My name is Anre and I am the guy who makes things sparkle (in a non-Twilight-vampire way). My daily routine consists of throwing together a layout that will pop and pull potential customers into a funnel that eventually convert them into buyers. 

I try to balance my life between sports and art (mostly drawing), now that I am a bit 'matured' I tend to focus more on the art than the sport side of the balancing beam. When it comes to my job, it's all about design and strategy.

I am a fully qualified Multimedia Designer and Design Draughtsman, with these two fields I have been privileged to work on amazing 'think outside the box' type of projects. This has taken me on some awesome journeys and seeing something that I personally designed, helping someone else to make money, is what makes it worth it. It's my passion. 

I haven't quite met my match in my personal life, so there's no ball and chain at the moment but it keeps me focused and dedicated to what I do. 

I'm positive, goal driven and I've always struggled with the whole 'go with the flow thing'...it's just not me. I like to find NEW, exciting ways to deal with the mundane tasks that have to be done everyday. Joining Real Fortune has brought me into contact with a new way of strategizing, designing and opening up to a whole new world of possibilities - turning my focus from what MIGHT work, to what WILL work. 

PO Box 31375, Waverley, Pretoria, 0135