The Solution To Freeing Up Time And Creative Energy At The Touch Of A Button…

For most of you who have dabbled in online marketing, your ideal day will look like this…You wake up, you type an email, send it to your list and wait for the sales to roll in.

Does that sound satisfying to you? What if I told you, that there is something much better out there?

Imagine this:

A series of emails are set up ONCE, in advance, and your online marketing system runs on autopilot while you sit back and watch the sales roll in – all the while sipping on your coffee…

This might seem impossible, especially for a small business owner, but it’s easier than you think. Two words:

Marketing Automation.

Before you switch off, I want you to realise one thing: Marketing automation is NOT simply email auto-responders. Automation is having all the divisions in your business run on autopilot, from marketing to fulfilment.

SO, how does it work?

First, you need to let go. You need to realise that you are not the plumber, handyman or janitor of your company. If you want to grow, you simply can’t handle everything manually, you can’t fix all the messes.

If you are taking care of all the mess, who is supposed to take care of business? Who will manage your staff?

As an entrepreneur or business owner, when you are finally able to let go and set your ego aside, you will learn that you have to automate your business as far as possible to open yourself up to opportunities and growth. More importantly, to free up your creative energy. The same creative energy that generates the money making ideas in your business.

All of this is made possible and even made easy by a system called ActiveCampaign. As implementation experts, we’ve been around the block and tried out quite a few systems. None worked as well as ActiveCampaign has in helping our customers to set up a business growing machine, through a process of blueprinting and implementation.

Of all the different channels available to marketers today, there is no doubt that email still offers the highest returns, but getting your emails seen is more difficult than ever.

Luckily, this is what we do! We can craft email campaigns that get delivered, get opened, and most importantly...get clicks.

Here’s how it works…

We create an automated marketing system in ActiveCampaign, incorporating five phases:

  • Introduce – Tell them who you are
  • Engage – Get them to buy
  • Retention – Get them to buy more
  • Segment – Learn what they want to buy next
  • Win Back – Bring them back

Each phase is dependent upon the last — creating the 5 stages of marketing automation, all built into one awesome selling machine.

NOTE: To learn more about the 5 phases and how they work, click here.

Most of your competitors aren’t using all five stages…

… and they don’t know it. The fact of the matter is; this is an extremely expensive oversight.

As Marketing Automation Specialists, Real Fortune is uniquely qualified to help you and your brands or businesses leverage the secrets of the Invisible Selling Machine to grow your customer base on AUTOPILOT.

In fact, check out this list of 31 things you can automate in your business, right now.

Like most businessmen, you probably want to know 3 things:

  • Which automation tools should I use?
  • How can I automate and accelerate growth in my business?
  • Will I stay within my budget?

And here’s the good news.

You don’t need dozens of tools to get started. In fact, chances are you’ll only need one or two of these tools to put the majority of your tedious but essential manual tasks on autopilot. We have used plenty of tools and from our experience we recommend ActiveCampaign to most of our clients because it provides them with all the services they need, however, we can discuss different CRM options should you wish to explore them.

If you're interested in implementing these success strategies, then I have one question for you:

"Are you ready to take your business to the next level?"

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Quote-markThe Real Fortune Team is very detail orientated and has set up our Company for great results. Charl has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and does not hesitate to work around the clock. They have a passion to make a difference through service excellence. I highly recommend their services. 

Dr. Anthony Van Tonder
Founder of Dr Anthony VT​
South Africa

Quote-markGuys - we just switched to Active Campaign and I'm impressed by the amount of automation Real Fortune brought to our type of business...they've eliminated a lot of the human error through automation plays, reminders, tasks for the staff and behavior-based, personalized email marketing.

Irina Alionte
Co-Founder and CEO of Born2Succeed