A Strategy That Converts, Right Now!

Most marketers mistakenly think a lack of sales can be solved by generating more website traffic.

BUT, I want you to take a moment and consider this: There are more traffic sources and platforms available today than ever before, so if traffic was the problem then sales should be through the roof, right?

Obviously, what we are looking at is not a lack of traffic, but a lack of conversion which leads to sales.

The sad truth that nobody tells you in advance, is that you can’t take Facebook followers and likes to the bank (We know…long ago, we tried…) So where does that leave you and your ‘sales’ problem?

Truth is: A lack of sales is almost always due to a lack of conversions in your marketing processes, or as we salted online marketing strategists like to call them… Funnels.

Most businesses have some sort of funnel in place, whether they know it or not. Do you know what a “conversion funnel” is?

In case you don’t, here’s a quick definition from Digital Marketer:

A funnel is a multi-step, multi-modality campaign that seamlessly and subtly leads a prospect towards a desired action.

In other words, a well-optimized "funnel" allows you to sell...without selling. They are the secret to promoting your product or service without being pushy or creepy.

You know what we mean…those promoters in the mall who ambush you with a new facial product or the Home Shopping Network kiosk that just wants you to try out their product for 2 minutes, whether you want to or not. It’s creepy that someone you don’t know is trying to force a product you don’t know on you.

So marketing is a lot like a relationship in that way. If a guy you met 10 minutes ago wants to take you for a walk in the woods or proposes marriage – it’s going to be creepy and pushy. But if he takes you on several dates and you get to know him, it becomes more and more acceptable.

Why not treat your leads the same way? After all, you are asking them to part with something valuable, whether it is time or money. Let them get to know you through a well-designed funnel before pushing your product on them.

More importantly.... a properly optimized funnel helps you to automate the process of taking leads and converting them into paying customers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed – but we’re really big on automation…

That’s where Real Fortune comes in. As CVO specialists, we’ll architect a “conversion funnel” that gives your business exactly what it wants:

  • MORE customers, that are...
  • MORE valuable
  • All the while spending LESS to acquire them.

Read that again because it's important.

If you would like to learn more about increasing customer value on its own, download this nifty little blueprint…

Your company will be on the path to becoming unstoppable, and you will learn how to create customers out of thin air…

As impossible as it sounds, this is what we can do for you along with some added services:

  • To optimize all of your existing marketing funnels
  • Find the one change you can make to your funnel to instantly get more leads, subscribers, and ultimately customers.
  • Craft a “Value statement” that perfectly positions any product or service, and gives your ideal customers EXACTLY what they want (even when they don’t even know they want it...)
  • Create converting Lead Magnets...
  • Determine the right way to use coupons and discounts in funnels that work for both online and offline businesses...
  • Create the correct “Tripwire” for your business.

...and much, much more.

What you need to realise is that each and every lead and prospect has some need or desire they want met. Your job is to speak to that need or desire and let them understand that you know how to make them feel happier and more satisfied.

They are buying a feeling from you, not a product – think about it, how many times have you signed up for a gym contract or bought something from the checkout isle because it was there and at that moment you felt like it was the answer to your problem.

In short, Real Fortune is able to address the needs of your customers or prospects, to craft high converting sales scripts and we can help you to architect a funnel which sells without scaring your customers away.

If you're interested in implementing these success strategies, then I have one question for you...

"How much longer are you going to leave those untapped profits on the table?"

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

Quote-markThe Real Fortune Team is very detail orientated and has set up our Company for great results. Charl has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and does not hesitate to work around the clock. They have a passion to make a difference through service excellence. I highly recommend their services. 

Dr. Anthony Van Tonder
Founder of Dr Anthony VT​
South Africa

Quote-markGuys - we just switched to Active Campaign and I'm impressed by the amount of automation Real Fortune brought to our type of business...they've eliminated a lot of the human error through automation plays, reminders, tasks for the staff and behavior-based, personalized email marketing.

Irina Alionte
Co-Founder and CEO of Born2Succeed