The Untapped Resource Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Know About…

It has become one of the most lucrative streams of income available today, yet most entrepreneurs don’t understand just how valuable a membership or subscription service is to their website!

I already know all the objections you’re about to raise…

Surprisingly, most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t feel that they provide enough value to charge $100, $50 or even $30 per month for the services they offer…and if they are confident in their offer, they are often afraid that they don’t have enough time to manage a large number of followers.

If you feel the same away, then I’ve got a reality check for you: a membership site is EXACTLY what you need!

How can a membership site help you?

First of all, you need to understand that people don’t really want to buy things anymore, they want access. What do I mean by access? Here are a few examples:

  • Netflix. Why buy a set of DVDs when you can access them online through Netflix?
  • Online learning, replacing the traditional classroom setting which is limited geographically.
  • Service based industries like spas. It’s becoming more popular for people to buy a membership to a spa so that they don’t have to struggle finding a spot for a massage. A membership allows them to pick the frequency of their visits and to make standing appointments in advance.

All of these sound great for your customers, but it’s even better for you. Imagine being a spa owner who knows EXACTLY how many massages they will give out per week. This makes staff schedules and appointments a breeze.

Make sense yet?

If you are in the consultation sector or offer some form of online service, then no doubt you have found yourself feeling overwhelmed with the needs and demands of your customers.

This is because you haven’t learned how to use technology to your advantage. Imagine the following:

  • Your customers can access your product/service/training online and work at their own pace
  • You don’t have to train or educate each customer (or even staff member) personally, you can create a series of online videos that takes care of it AND ensures that each person receives the same content and value from their training
  • Your members can communicate with each other in a community setting and answer questions that would have come to you
  • You can offer a set webinar or ‘office hours’ meeting for your customers where you are available on a conference call to answer any questions
  • You now have more free time to manage your business and spend time with your family

This may sound very impersonal to you at first, but…

…research has shown that a membership site that offers continual value

builds trust and creates a more loyal customer!

Creating a site that builds relationships and trust is much easier than you think. Have you ever found yourself buying at one specific store because you get E-bucks, loyalty points or bulk discounts with a membership?

Or you buy all your clothes from one store because you have an account with a membership to a discount club, like Edgars or Amazon Prime? Of course you have. Without even noticing, you have become a loyal customer – simply because you are paying a small fee for a membership or account and want to maximize the value you get from it.

What these companies have done is to weigh the importance of a once-off business transaction against the possibility of a recurring monthly income – and they made the right choice.

You NEED this for your own business.

Have you ever heard about all the articles that go on and on about people having shorter attention spans and not being able to consume a lot of content at once? Yes? SO…you probably think that you’ll struggle to keep your audience focused, right?

Well, let me ask you this:

Have you ever binge watched an entire series over a weekend or watched 5 episodes in a row on Netflix?


Does the average attention span really seem that short? Not at all. People are simply putting the right message in front of the wrong audience.

You need to make sure that you market your content to the correct audience and speak to the needs of the people who require your services. Shift your market positioning to what people really want. Nobody wants continual learning or education, people want guaranteed success and status. Place yourself in their position and address these few simple things:

  • Problem vs Solution
  • Possibilities and Opportunities
  • Why Some People Fail While Others Succeed
  • Your Own Story as an Expert
  • Mindset
  • Outline/Benefits of Membership
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy

As for the content of your membership site itself, we have a proven, tried & tested outline that will guarantee that your audience is satisfied and that they receive value from following you as member.

How you deliver this content is entirely up to you but there are 3 ways which are the most popular amongst the experts out there, these are:

  • Newsletters/CDs/DVDs or other physical products that are delivered to your door
  • Online delivery where you can access content online, only if you are a member
  • An unlocked link that is emailed to members whenever a new training is available (it’s cheaper but the link can be shared)

They want someone who can motivate them to be better, to do better and to perform better. And they want it from YOU!

Did you catch that?

They want this content from YOU!

If you don’t deliver it, someone else will…

Not to mention, engaging your customers in a community setting helps you to keep up with trends in the market place and keeps your customer satisfaction levels at an all-time high…

But how do you actually do it?

First of all, you need membership software like Memberium, Optimize Member or Kajabi to get started. Or – we can do all this for you! I can tell you from experience that installation and setup takes time, especially if you’ve never done it before

After acquiring the necessary tools, you need to plan and create the content that you want to deliver to your members and decide on the frequency that you want to supply it to them.

If you're interested in implementing these success strategies, then I have one question for you:

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