Do You Feel Like You're Only Using 10% Of ActiveCampaign?

We know that marketing can be tough and that growing your business can be stressful.  That's why we've helped many small business owners unleash Active Campaign to see what a 100% of AC looks like in action - and getting results is not as difficult as it seems!

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What Real Fortune Can Do For You:

As marketing automation experts, we've noticed that most people using ActiveCampaign were only scratching the surface (and they knew it), they were only managing to use little more than 10% of all the great things ActiveCampaign can do. This is why we've decided to do something to help out our many clients...

Today, we are one of the few consultants out there who are able to help entrepreneurs unlock the power, and the promise, of ActiveCampaign. Whether a beginner or advanced user, we take you through coaching, training or implementation to help take your business to the next level.


We've been doing this for a long time. So long that we can get a ton of stuff implemented in a lot less time.


We actually use ActiveCampaign in our own business and for our customers, so we really know what it's all about. 


You can’t make offers to people that aren’t paying attention to you, so it’s important that you’re providing value to keep your subscribers listening.

What Others Are Saying

Quote-markThe Real Fortune Team is very detail orientated and has set up our Company for great results. Charl has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and does not hesitate to work around the clock. They have a passion to make a difference through service excellence. I highly recommend their services. 

Dr. Anthony Van Tonder
Founder of Dr Anthony VT​
South Africa

Quote-markGuys - we just switched to Active Campaign and I'm impressed by the amount of automation Real Fortune brought to our type of business...they've eliminated a lot of the human error through automation plays, reminders, tasks for the staff and behavior-based, personalized email marketing.

Irina Alionte
Co-Founder and CEO of Born2Succeed