The Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint

Ready to stop wasting time and unleash a new system in your business?

A system to help you plan, blueprint and implement your online marketing strategies. From marketing to fulfilment, every division in your business needs to be organized so that you as the business owner will know exactly what is going on in your system at any given moment.

Whether you have ideas that have been implemented but need some tweaking for higher conversion, or if you only have a few or no ideas to implement, this system is for you!

The Online Marketing Blueprint is not just another 18-page report, it’s so much more than that! We have noticed that all business owners and entrepreneurs are at some level of feeling STUCK.

But who can blame them? There’s just so much to learn and do.

From start up to seasoned veteran — we are all trying to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge, a defining characteristic or ‘secret sauce’…

This page is here to help you grasp the online strategy stuff, so you can do what you do best… be the captain of your ship and let us worry about the implementation of your digital marketing blueprint!

And by stuff we mean…

A system to get you from idea to implementation…

We did not just wake up one day and draw up a plan on a piece of paper. We went out there and learned from those who have invested millions upon millions into marketing research and have developed ‘tried and tested’ methods to guarantee success.

But this took A LOT OF TIME and even MORE MONEY…

It’s the same system that franchises like Wimpy and McDonald’s have used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets. It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate e-commerce. It’s how (previously and People Magazine have become household names.

This system works for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. It works for the family operated shops and multi-billion dollar conglomerates. It works whether you sell traditional products, digital products or services.

This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth put forth by legendary marketer Jay Abraham:

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

It’s a system designed by one of our personal mentors, Digital Marketer. They call it the CVO Blueprint (Customer Value Optimization).

Read this blueprint carefully. Memorise it. Apply it.

This is the stuff they will never teach you at TUKS, Harvard or in your MBA. What you don’t learn in business school is: coming up with the idea is the easy part, how to bridge the gap between idea and implementation is where most people lose the battle.

To get the most out of this system, you need to understand that there is a logical order to things – and this is where most people go wrong. That gap between an idea and implementation is where MacGyver’s are born.

You see, a MacGyver will storm into a situation without any concern about a plan or organisation – he will use what he has at his disposal. Although this might seem impressive and innovative when you see MacGyver doing it, your business is the last place where this should happen.

If you look at this gap between idea and implementation, you will see that you need to create stepping stones or some sort of bridge to get from one side to the other and to do that you need a blueprint or a plan. You can’t just go to a contractor and say: ‘build me a bridge.'

It will be a mess without a proper blueprint and planning. This gap is usually a success killer if you don’t plan properly and follow some kind of a system. So you need 3 things:

  • A Plan of Attack
  • A Blueprint
  • A Systematic Process to Implement.

This is exactly what we do at Real Fortune. We plan, we blueprint and we implement ideas. We understand that new things feel awkward, probably unnecessary as well. That’s quite normal. That’s why we help business owners and entrepreneurs to find their feet.

Marc Chesley from InfusionSoft once said: “9 women can’t have a baby in one month.” It sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, but think about it. If there is a plan and a process, you can’t bypass the things that have to be done. You have to carry a baby for 9 months, it’s a design. Similarly, you have to follow a process in your business – a process that we can help you design.

What you need to realise is, you can’t blueprint or plan while implementing! Just like you can’t draw up your house plans as the contractor builds it (unless you’re willing to pay A LOT of money.)

Let that sink in for a minute – growing your business will take time. Implementing your strategy will take time – and resources. You need resources to help you bridge the gap in your own business.

Another important thing to bear in mind is, you are not a handyman, you’re not supposed to handle the plumbing, electricity, construction and decoration. You need to employ people and allocate tasks to them to allow you to focus on the important things – like running your business.

We understand that in some phases each business owner or entrepreneur must wear many different hats, but once you can afford it – you need to employ people who can perform whatever tasks you need completed.

Once you have your resources in place and you are ready to strategize, you need to follow the steps laid out in the CVO.

The steps to optimising your customer value is the secret to a successful online strategy.

The following flowchart outlines the CVO system.

Print this document and stick it on the wall next to your computer. If you are going to execute this plan, you’ll need to reference it often.

Here is a flowchart of the CVO system…

Here are the steps

  • Find the correct audience for your offer
  • Choose a traffic source where your market is hanging out
  • Offer a Lead Magnet
  • Offer a Tripwire
  • Introduce your Core Product
  • Introduce an additional offer to maximize profit
  • Create the Return Path for repeat customers

We’ll examine each of these steps in the process and provide you with some resources we have available, but the really nice stuff is reserved for our consulting clients.

Yep… we consult. A LOT.

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

With this blueprint we’re about to reveal the exact process we use to sell products and services in dozens of industries, including:

  • Logistics and Tracking
  • Pest Control
  • Software Development/SAAS Applications
  • Investment and Network Marketing
  • Health & Weight Loss
  • Self-Improvement and Business Coaching
  • Gambling/Betting Statistics

… and many more!

Let’s begin with…

Step 1 – Find The Correct Audience For Your Offer

Business is actually very basic.

There may be nothing more important than choosing the correct market, simply because every other part of the process is dependent upon having a group of willing and able buyers.

But you need to understand that people are not buying a product or service, they are buying an outcome – a feeling of having a problem solved.

You see, when customers come to your business they are in a ‘Before’ mindset, where they have a need or problem that is frustrating them. The aim of your service or product is to move them to an ‘After’ mindset where they are happy and their needs fulfilled. This was a simple concept we never thought of, until our mentors at Digital Marketer opened our eyes up to it.

The majority of businesses that fail, especially in the start-up phase, do so because:

  • They failed to offer a desirable outcome, they were not offering what the market wanted.
  • They fail to clearly define the difference between the feeling a prospect will experience before and after purchasing an offer.

It is clear that you really need to focus on what your audience WANTS and the OUTCOME they desire. Here’s how to get that clarity with an 8 question grid…

Before you create or market another offer — go through this exercise.

Ask yourself these 8 questions…

  • What does your prospect HAVE in the “Before” mindset?
  • What does your prospect HAVE in the “After” mindset?
  • How does your prospect FEEL in the “Before” mindset?
  • How does your prospect FEEL in the “After” mindset?
  • What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “Before” mindset?
  • What is an AVERAGE DAY like for your prospect in the “After” mindset?
  • What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “Before” mindset?
  • What is your prospect’s STATUS in the “After” mindset?

For example, we’ve done some consulting for a company that offers a program to people who would like to lose weight and make a lifestyle change.

It’s a program that teaches you how to eat, what to eat and how your body can burn fat without starvation.

But it does so much more than that.

Most of us want to lose a few kilos but we struggle to live a healthy lifestyle so we know the challenges that go with weight loss.

Customers who join this program will feel more confident, more attractive and will see results because this program can be tailored to their specific needs.

This is their transformation…

  • From HAVING an overweight, unhealthy body to a thinner and healthier one.
  • From FEELING shy and embarrassed to confident and attractive.
  • From having an AVERAGE DAY with no energy to feeling younger and having energy left to do all those extra things you never get to – but REALLY want to.
  • From a STATUS of feeling unattractive and hiding your body to being the centre of attention at social gatherings and having all eyes on you.

Average marketers focus on what a customer will HAVE if they purchase their product or service. Great marketers focus on how a customer will FEEL, how their AVERAGE DAY will change and how their STATUS will elevate.

It’s powerful stuff.

But understanding how you will transform your prospect from a “Before” mindset to a desired “After” mindset also impacts…

How much you can charge…

How do you determine the ‘Value’ of the product or service you offer, to bridge the gap between the “Before” and “After” mindset?

Want to charge more for your products and services?

Simple — create a greater distance between the “Before” and “After” mindset by either:

  • Creating a better product or service (better offer)
  • Defining the movement from “Before” to “After” differently or more clearly (better marketing.)

Get clear on your “Before” and “After”.

If you’re not able to clearly define how you can take your prospect from the “Before” mindset to a desired “After” mindset — you may have an issue with the audience you have chosen.

Step 2 – Choose A Traffic Source Where Your Market Is Hanging Out…

This might shock you to hear it, but you probably don’t have a traffic problem.

You might have a business model problem, an offer problem or a measurement problem.

But most likely you don’t have a traffic problem.

The secret is…

The person that is able & willing to spend more to acquire a customer WILL win.

All you need to do is go to the traffic store, identify your target audience and buy your traffic from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

But once you have a traffic source, you need to draw them in with a Lead Magnet…

Step 3 – Offer A Lead Magnet

The next two sections (Offer a Lead Magnet and Offer a Tripwire) show you how to grow your business through the first of Jay Abraham’s methods, increase the number of customers.

The Lead Magnet, also known as an ‘opt-in bribe’ is:

  • …a tempting bribe
  • …that provides a specific piece of value
  • …to a prospect in exchange for their contact information (no money charged)

Make no mistake, although no money changes hands, this is still a transaction. Often, it’s the first transaction you will have with a prospect.

You will need to provide tremendous value with the Lead Magnet in exchange for contact information.

The Lead Magnet is usually offered on a web page called a landing or squeeze page that is optimized to convert even cold traffic into leads.

The landing page doesn’t need to be fancy. Here’s a Lead Magnet landing page from one of our customers in the E-commerce industry for diabetic sweets:

The Lead Magnet exists to increase leads. Because the Lead Magnet is the very start of the Customer Value Optimization process, increasing opt-ins here will pay dividends throughout the rest of the system.

Unfortunately, not all bribes are tempting enough. The best will convert north of 50% of visitors into leads and you’ll be relieved when I tell you that the highest performing Lead Magnets have one thing in common…

Specificity: The Key to Getting More Leads

The good news is that you DO NOT need to create something lengthy or complex. In fact, we’ve found that the simpler your Lead Magnet is — the better it will convert.

What irresistible bribe could you offer in exchange for a lead’s contact information?

This, for example, is NOT a lead magnet…

There is no offer in this lead magnet and it is not specific at all.

But this Lead Magnet isn’t much better. There is an offer but it isn’t specific…

A Lead Magnet that solves a specific problem for a specific segment of the market will generate more leads…

…and more leads means more Tripwire sales.

(Don’t worry if some of this went straight over your head – we can help you get these things in place!)

Step 4 – Offer A Tripwire

If you understand and execute on this step, you’ll be ahead of most of your competitors. Remember, our first goal is to increase the number of customers.

So far, we have only discussed how to generate leads through the Lead Magnet.

We still haven’t generated new customers.

The Tripwire is offered to those that have displayed interest through the Lead Magnet.

The Tripwire is:

  • …an impulsive purchase
  • …with an extremely low cost
  • …and exists for one reason, and one reason only: to turn prospects into buyers

Tripwires usually sell for between $1 and $20. In markets selling high-ticket products and services, Tripwire offers as high as $500 can convert well.

The key is to make a Tripwire Offer that leads are unable to resist.

The most common way to make the Tripwire irresistible is by selling it at cost and, in some cases, selling it at a loss to you.

That’s correct. You are not trying to make a living from selling Tripwire Offers. You are trying to acquire buyers because there is nothing more valuable than a list of willing and able buyers.

When you understand the rest of this process you will understand how the Tripwire Offer is the single most powerful addition you can make to your business — even though you make no direct profit from it.

An excellent example of a Tripwire Offer comes from a South African Airline, Fly Safair:

In honour of their first birthday in business, Fly SAFAIR sold 30 000 tickets at an amazing $0.10 per ticket. This offer was so popular that the booking system crashed within an hour and they had to extend the period of the offer to accommodate the large volumes of buyers.

They dominated the travel market with this amazing tripwire offer.

Physical products and software offers also make fantastic tripwires…

They are all around us.

It’s the ridiculous low cost of a cell phone at your service provider or the flat screen TV deal at Walmart. It’s the rock-bottom price of a Kindle Fire. It’s the $0.30 Ice-cream at KFC or the Groupon offer at 60% discount.

The strategy of Tripwire offers is simple.

Convert the maximum number of Lead Magnet leads into paying customers, even at the expense of your profit margin, with the understanding that acquiring a paying customer will deliver profit through the next three steps:

  • Core Offer
  • Profit Maximizer
  • Return Path

Ok, now that you understand how we are going to increase your number of customers, let’s talk about increasing the average transaction value per customer.

Step 5 – Introduce Your Core Product

Most likely you already have a Core Offer. It’s your flagship product or service.

Most businesses get nowhere by making Core Offers to cold prospects. You’ll see your Core Offer sales explode with the addition of a Lead Magnet and Tripwire.

After all, at this point you’ve already had two successful transactions with this buyer.

This is why it’s critical to over deliver with the Lead Magnet and Tripwire.

In some cases, sales from the Core Offer will make you profitable. But it doesn’t have to. If you follow through on the CVO process, you could take everything you make from the Core Offer and reinvest it to acquire more customers.

Again, this is how you become unstoppable.

You build a system in which you can spend more to acquire a customer than your competitors.

It might stun you to find out that many of the most successful businesses in the world make no profit until they reach the next two stages, Profit Maximizers and Return Path.

Here’s where things get very interesting…

Step 6 – Introduce An Additional Offer To Maximize Profit

The second of Jay Abraham’s business growth methods is to increase the average transaction value per customer.

The Profit Maximizer does just that.

Most businesses don’t have Tripwire Offers and they don’t have Profit Maximizers. They keep peddling their core offers to cold prospects.

This is why they struggle and exactly the reason why you won’t – if you follow this system.

Would it shock you to find out that McDonald’s makes almost no money on their famous hamburgers? The hamburger is the Core Offer, but it’s the chips and Coke (Profit Maximizers) that built the Golden Arches. sells laptops and plasma TV’s (Core Offers) on wafer thin margins you can’t resist and makes it up on warranties and IT support. They also have a little section at checkout (or while shopping) with products you might like, ‘People that bought this, also bought…”

This increases the average value of a basket at checkout.

Any offer made after the initial sale is a Profit Maximizer. Because the single biggest expense most companies will incur is the cost of acquiring the customer - which is the job of the Tripwire Offer.

What could you offer as an upsell or cross-sell? What could you bundle with your Core Offer? If you are not sure – take a breath! We can sit down with you in a consultation and brainstorm the ideal solution for your business.

But there is one more way to grow…

Step 7 – Create The Return Path For Repeat Customers

The last way to grow a business is to increase the average number of transactions per customer.

Or as online marketers call it - the Return Path.

The goal of the Return Path is to keep in touch. Make sure that you have frequent, strategic communication with your buyers and prospects to encourage them to buy again and again.

Because you have received their contact information through the Lead Magnet you have the ability and permission to continue marketing to them.

The Return Path is anything that brings the customer or prospect back more frequently including…

  • Exit Offers
  • Organic Social Media (like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Loyalty Programs, Memberships and Clubs
  • Content Marketing
  • Ad Retargeting

… but few are as powerful as automated email follow-up and membership/subscription services.

The single most impactful action you can take in creating a return path is to set up what Digital Marketer calls The Invisible Selling Machine.

This is basically an email marketing blueprint and it is… unfortunately… far too complicated to cover here.

If you want to learn more about it, click here…

What it comes down to, is that you need to learn how to automate aspects like email-autoresponders in your own business. Automation allows you to free up your creativity and your time to focus on more important things.

Real Fortune has become one of the few implementation experts out there who can work with you from planning to implementing business- and marketing automation in your own business. In fact, check out this nifty list of 31 things you can automate in your own business...

Do The Math

The CVO Blueprint is about building unstoppable businesses by increasing the value of your customers.

This is the exact system we apply to every business we start or consult on.

We know why many of our clients were frustrated before consulting with us… they were not getting the results they deserved from their online strategy.

Most of them were making money and getting some results, but things were getting out of hand and they needed more than just an email auto-responder. They needed business- and marketing automation to free up their time and creative energy. They needed a system.

A system that takes all aspects of the blueprint into consideration… Leads, Sales, Memberships/Continuity and Automation.

We’ve held nothing back. It’s all here for you. Application of even one of the steps in this system will grow your business.

If you would like to apply this online marketing blueprint and become unstoppable, please feel free to contact us for a strategy session, from there we can see if we would be a good fit, or not.

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

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