The Transformation

So, You Know ActiveCampaign Can Revolutionize Your Business.

But it hasn't happened yet, has it?

If you're finally ready to stop wasting time and start getting results from your ActiveCampaign sequences, then it's time to consider letting the pros take the reins. And you should do this whether you're an ActiveCampaign beginner (before you waste money and time trying to figure it out), or an ActiveCampaign veteran who is making monthly donations to the software, and not actually using it.

Ask yourself the following: ​

  • Do you have great ideas, but have trouble implementing them?
  • Are you frustrated because you know ActiveCampaign can be a complete game-changer in your business, but you're still only using it for email auto-responders?
  • Do you want to get more out of ActiveCampaign?

Our team at RealFortune has infinite ActiveCampaign experience, and we know that all successful entrepreneurs want to make a massive impact on their businesses. The successful ones have given up on the idea that they can do it themselves, especially when they saw that there was finally a proven system for implementing ActiveCampaign... and how much of an impact that alone has had on their businesses.

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

How Does The Transformation Work?

​Here are some of the reasons you should consider choosing The Transformation Package:

  • ​You want to work one-on-one with a Real Fortune team member to plan, blueprint and implement in ActiveCampaign
  • You want to know exactly what it looks like to see the effect of using 100% of Active Campaign in your business
  • You want a system that will allow you and/or your team to launch sequences in hours instead of weeks
  • You want more insight and visibility into your business
  • You need help with strategy and copy writing in your ActiveCampaign sequences

Before you meet up with one of our Real Fortune team members, you will complete an online program called The AC Success Academy, which will walk you through step-by-step, how to map out your business into an Engineering Blueprint. You will have a call with your assigned team member, who will review your business and start strategizing with you before getting down to the serious stuff. 

Next, we'll hop on a conference call and start your three and a half days of one-on-one implementation.

After your Transformation, you will receive a 60-minute call with your assigned consultant, to wrap up any last minute things. The added advantage being that you have in your possession all of your plays, sequences and other materials developed - should you wish to refer back to them in the future. 

PLUS, you will have the opportunity to hop on a monthly group call, valid for 60 days where you can bring your ActiveCampaign questions and have them answered by one of the Real Fortune team members. We'll also let you explore the exclusive Real Fortune 'Members Only' area, so you can see what key ActiveCampaign users are doing in their business.

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

What People Say

Quote-markThe Real Fortune Team is very detail orientated and has set up our Company for great results. Charl has an INCREDIBLE work ethic and does not hesitate to work around the clock. They have a passion to make a difference through service excellence. I highly recommend their services. 

Dr. Anthony Van Tonder
Founder of Dr Anthony VT​
South Africa

Quote-markGuys - we just switched to Active Campaign and I'm impressed by the amount of automation Real Fortune brought to our type of business...they've eliminated a lot of the human error through automation plays, reminders, tasks for the staff and behavior-based, personalized email marketing.

Irina Alionte
Co-Founder and CEO of Born2Succeed

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...

So, What's The Transformation Going To Cost Me?

For only $7 000 (once-off) or 3 monthly payments of $2 800, you get a package that includes:

What You Get


Coaching Calls

$ 2 500

Transformation Strategy Session

  • ​A 4 hour strategy session where we discuss the requirements of your marketing- and business automation. We will pen down your business model and strategy to successfully complete the next step of your implementation. This includes a complete run-through of your personalized AC Success Playbook and AC Success Blueprint. 

$ 2 000

2 Days of One-on-One Automation Implementation

  • ​16 Hours of knee-deep implementation where we will work through your AC Success Blueprints to bring your ideas to life. 

$ 6 400

Implementation Walk Through

  • A step by step discussion of 2 hour where a member of our team will discuss all automations built out in your system. You will gain insight and an understanding of how your new system works. You will receive PDF documents with all your blueprints to ensure that you always have a hard copy as a back up. 

$    700

3 Month Check-Up

  • ​At any given time within 3 months of your Implementation Walk Through you are allowed to customize your existing automations. This is a 2 hour session where you can make sure you get to those things you missed in the first session. 

$    700

Total value

$ 12 300


$ 7 000


$ ​2 800 x 3

So Who Is RealFortune?

In addition to employing the most experienced staff in the industry, we are proud to offer a proven methodology to plan, implement and scale your small business and empower you to create a Small Business Success Machine.

We've worked with hundreds of people who have been in your exact situation. This is what we do every day at Real Fortune. It's what we live and breathe.

Most people know us as the guys who help marketers kill it with ActiveCampaign... but that's just part of our story.

In our experience with our clientele, we saw that most people using ActiveCampaign knew they were only scratching the surface...they were only managing to use 10% of all the great things ActiveCampaign can do. So after spending countless hours building and growing ActiveCampaign, we decided to do something about this problem.

Today, we provide coaching, consulting and software tools to help entrepreneurs unlock the power, and the promise, of ActiveCampaign. Whether a beginner or advanced user, we take you through coaching, training or implementation to help take your business to the next level.

Find out how businesses in dozens of industries are transforming into success machines...